3 Common Types Of Radio Controlled Helicopters

Radio controlled helicopters are simply small aircrafts that are operated using a radio remote control. Such aircrafts are used for both fun and entertainment purposes as well as for military purposes at times. They can fly at over a 1000meters and that too at a reasonable speed of almost 80meters per second or more depending on the structural specifications of the craft. Their stylish look makes them even more popular, preferably among the younger generation.

However, at times, these small aircrafts are used for serious purposes too but those forms of usage are limited and numbered. Talking of such an example, we can site the example of a spy mini helicopter with a wireless camera which often serves to be a source of information to the military posted in the borders regarding enemy troops and illegal intruders.

Technically, radio controlled helicopters can commonly be classified into 3 common varieties. Each of the following types has features and specifications of its own that make them very special. The types that we have talking about are in the forms of Mini, Coaxial and 3D copters.

Mini- This type of copters is very small in terms of size. In fact, they can easily fit in our palm. They have a very simple circuitry, which makes operating them very simple and easy to learn. They operate on batteries that can be recharged as and when necessary. This type of copters is ideally suited for those who are learners. These crafts are extremely hard and durable and mostly do not get damaged even if they crash.

Coaxial- This category of crafts are a bit complex in terms of its circuitry and navigation tools but at the same time, they are much better in its service compared to the mini crafts. This type has an in build 6-channel circuitry due to which you do not need to manually control the direction of the craft. In addition to this, they have 2 rotors that turns in different angles and directions to maintain the stability and equilibrium of the craft.

3D- This is undoubtedly the coolest type of helicopter radio controlled that has 3D facilities pre installed in it. Structurally, they are similar to a coaxial craft with the only difference being the inclusion of 2.4-gigahertz power transmitted and the presence of 3D facilities. These are ideally suited for those who are well versed in the art of flying mini crafts

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