An Up-Close View of the Beautiful Design of a Kiwi Slice

Ron Goldman takes fruit photography to the next level with this beautiful kiwi slice shot

Ron Goldman discovered a great way to photograph fruit and put it to test with this shot of a kiwi slice. Here he explains how his experience with the orange slice went further and further with other kinds of fruit.

Can’t Get Enough of a Good Thing

Ron Goldman: I started photographing all kinds of fruit that were fairly translucent when sliced and laid the slice right on top of a slide viewing box to light it from behind.

Then of course set my camera up on the tripod and set it right over the top, and got it nice and close to fill the frame with this image, fairly simple technique to use and you can get some really spectacular images that way.

In Closing

Orange slices aren’t the only objects that can be photographed on a slide viewing box. After Ron Goldman discovered this technique he began shooting all kinds of fruit this way, including this amazing photograph of this kiwi slice.

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