Capturing the Sparkling Beauty of an Orange Slice

How Ron Goldman got this amazing macro shot of a beautiful orange slice

Think this picture of an orange slice was taken with a macro lens? Guess again. Things aren’t always what they seem. Here Ron Goldman tells us the real story behind this colorful photograph.

Not What You Expect

Ron Goldman: This picture of an orange slice is still one of my top favorites that I ever shot. I shot this during a class that I was taking with Bryan Peterson. We were experimenting with sparkling water in different subjects and I took a piece of blood orange and sliced it fairly thin and was trying to get it to stand up straight, up and down, in glass of sparkling water.

I was not having any luck whatsoever getting the shot that I wanted because the piece of orange kept moving and falling over before I could get a chance to shoot it with the light coming through.
I was trying to figure out what I was going to do with it when it floated up and was laying perfectly flat in the top of this glass of sparkling water and I’m looking down at it going, “Now, if I just had a way to get the light to come through the bottom of the glass.”
I thought I had an old slide viewing box from years ago that I hadn’t used so I dug it out and set it up. I set the glass of sparkling water on top of a slide viewing box to provide the backlight for this image. I simply set my camera tripod up where I could shoot straight down over the glass and the slice of orange. This is what I ended up with.

Audri Lanford: Wonderful. Is this a macro shot?
Ron Goldman: Yes, I actually used extension tubes on the same 28-70mm lens that I shot a lot of these with. That just allowed me to focus up a little closer than the lens’ minimum focusing distance so I could get a little more detail with all the bubbles and the veins in the fruit.

To Sum Up

This is a macro shot, but Ron Goldman didn’t use an expensive macro lens. He simply used extension tubes on a 28-70mm lens to get the details of the bubbles and veins in this beautiful orange slice photograph.

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