Chicago House Music– Relieving the 90s Era

Do u remember house?” Don’t you remember these lines from one of the most popular house music title tracks?

During the early nineties, there was a massive rage for house music. In fact, those who were born during the early eighties era grew up listening to Chicago based house music. It was really an amazing experience to hear those high voltage techno trance music. Booty shaking used to take place automatically. Those who lived within Chicago during the nineties era may well have experienced the evolution of this particular music genre. They may have experienced both the rise and fall of this genre. Yes, with modern age electronica capturing the hearts of million in recent time, the market of house music have faced with massive declination.

For those who are DJ by profession, they may never have any interest for house tracks. However, those DJs who have spent their young and early yearly years at Chicago during the late eighties and early nineties era, they may have some other mind setting. They may well show that there is no place for such music but at the deep end in their heart, there is still a place that holds house like a wonderful memory. After all, nineties era was ruled by house music. It was such a unique listening experience that something like that was never heard prior to that.  Apart from Chicago house, the other genres that ruled the music market during that particular era were freestyle, New York electronica, and Italio disco.  However, no one could match up with the groove and rhythm of Chicago house. It was like breaking the ice while feeling the heat from all around. Simply ecstatic was the hearing experience during that era. In fact, the modern age electronica is an upgraded version of Chicago house music.