What Type of Photography Business Are You In?

Follow these steps: • Ask yourself what type of photography are you marketing? Be as specific as possible. • List the ‘features’ that your Tasmania photography tours will offer that differ from your competition. • List the benefits to photography customers. How will you make their life better? Keep in mind, list ‘benefits,’ not ‘features.’ […]

Stock Photography Tips

I don’t make a living from stock photography. But, I do make money regularly from my stock photos. For me, the difference was learning the little “nuances” that helped me to find success in the stock photo industry. For example, one of my photography niches is children – more specifically, ethnic toddlers in education settings. […]

Stock Photography Photojournalist Tips

Good stock photography photojournalism is about telling stories. For this reason a good photographer shouldn’t remove anything from the scene – at the scene or with photoshop – no matter how distracting it is. Good stock photography photojournalism strives to document reality. You aren’t documenting reality if you photoshop parts of the scene of an […]

Stock Photography Examples

I prefer to shoot stock photography and have fun. Sometimes, the demands of professional stock photography can take the fun out of the shoot. My stock success dramatically improved when I took the time (I am the most impatient person in the world – I don’t like instant coffee, because it takes too long to […]

Stock Photography Business Must Haves

In stock photography, photobuyers don’t buy pictures that I like to shoot. They buy pictures that they need! When I finally realized this, I finally began to learn how this segment of the photography industry functions. Once I began learning how the industry works, I focused on the areas needed to be successful. Stock Photography […]

Self Promotion: To exist or not to exist

Why self promotion? To get paid for your photography, you have to identify your market (for your photography niche) and do a self promotion campaign to the publications and markets that are likely to buy and publish your work. You need to submit your literature, your portfolio, your materials, etc. to the specific target market […]

Photography Website Considerations

A photography website, like any other website, should enhance and improve your methods of doing things. You must consider what it is that you want your website to do for you. Just having a website for the sake of having one – can become a burden and usually a costly disappointment. Begin by determining your […]

Photography Basics & Articles Library

Photography for beginners can be confusing. It doesn’t have to be. A lot of it is confusing because of all the technical terms commercial photographer Cairns like to use. I have concluded that photography skills can be effectively developed without a great deal of technical study. Much more is required to produce quality photography than“just pushing […]