Do You Have Any Tips for Wedding Photos to Make the Images More Special?

photographyAvoid having the “same old” wedding photos with these helpful tips

Wedding photos are treasured for a lifetime – even for generations. It’s important to make them special. Bruce Smith discussed some tips for creating memorable wedding photographs.

Energy is Contagious

Bruce Smith: There are a couple of things you can do to make wedding photos special. First of all, be enthusiastic. What you put into your images will be reflected in the still shots themselves.

By being enthusiastic, by instilling the energy into the subject, by making the subject feel good and making them feel that they look amazing, you get them excited about the shot.

If you’re excited about a photo yourself, your subjects will be excited about it too. If you walk into a room and there’s a heavy atmosphere in the room, nobody feels good. If, however, you walk into the room and you fill the room up with your enthusiasm and excitement, everybody around you feeds off this positivity.
I would definitely say positivity is one of the most important things.
Audri: I love it, this is great.

Meeting the Challenges Head On

Bruce: I remember the difficulty of shooting wedding photos, even though I haven’t shot them in a long time. You are often working with people who don’t necessarily want to be photographed — even though they’ve commissioned you to go and do it.

There are a lot of things working against you. People are wrapped up in their day, they’re thinking about getting to the wedding breakfast and having a glass of champagne (or five). It’s very difficult to get your wedding photos in on top of all that.

You have maybe two or three hours. During that period of time, you have to get 50 or 60, maybe even 100 amazing pictures taken.
If you’re planning on doing the actual wedding photos on your own, you should at least hire someone to do the formal shots.
Leave yourself free to shoot the wedding from a journalistic approach. It’s very popular these days. It’s actually been popular for quite some time.

Many people want their wedding photos to be like a photojournalist’s story of the day. They don’t want it to be all formal and stiff and boring. They want it to be exciting and fun, capturing the moments of the day.

Have a look at some of the other wedding photographers out there. There are a lot of websites that will show what other wedding photographer Newcastle are doing. You can see the approach they are taking. You’ll see there’s a lot mixing formal wedding pictures and a journalistic approach.

A journalistic approach is much more fun. You shoot lots and lots of pictures — every little thing that you see, every little head you see turned, every little child that’s pulling a funny face or doing something silly. You just have to be observant during the day.

If you can, leave somebody else in charge of the formal pictures. Those aren’t difficult to do. It’s just somebody setting up a camera and taking correct exposures and making people smile. It’s not hard to get everybody lined up and straight and looking nice.

If you leave someone else doing the formal shots, you can go off and do all these lovely journalistic pictures, which are much more fun. That’s how I’d suggest doing it.

In Conclusion

Want to get great wedding photos? First, make sure you share your energy with everyone around you.
Then try to see if you can get someone else (or hire Margaret river wedding photographer) to take the formal shots. That will give you all the time you need to take a fun and photojournalist approach to the rest of the wedding photos.

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