How Can I Bring Out the Best in the Amateur Fashion Models I Work With?

Be prepared to work hard to get amateur fashion models to strut their stuff

Earlier in the interview, Bruce Smith explained to our listeners where they could find amateur fashion models to work with. He gave some very helpful tips and went on to explain how to bring out the best in those models once you find them.

Bring Out the Best in Fashion Models

Working with amateur fashion models can be hard. You’re going to be working with people who don’t actually have “model potential” and that’s going to be a real struggle. You’re also going to be working with people who do have potential, but don’t have any real experience.

You are going to struggle very, very hard. Unless you are really full of enthusiasm and energy, you’re not going to be able to make them look like professional models.

You have to work extra hard when working with amateurs, because the outcome of the shoot is going to depend on you, the photographer.

To Sum Up

Finding amateur models is only half the battle. When you’re working with models who aren’t experienced, even if they do have talent, more of the pressure is put on you as the photographer.

You need to put more energy and enthusiasm into your shoots if you want to bring out the best in the amateur fashion models you work with.

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