Stag Weekends- The All Boy’s Day

Stag weekends are the special time when boys can have time to be by themselves. It is the time which only privileged men get for being themselves without the headache of having a female constantly nagging at their back. A stag weekend can be celebrated in any way and anywhere depending on the members of the weekend. If you are planning for a weekend trip filled with adventure and wild activities then that can be a weekend, again if you want to stay back at your place and have a gala time then that too can be an example of stag weekend.

The best part of stag parties is that they are all male party where females are not allowed. Usually stag weekend is organized before the marriage of a man of the group of friends; this is usually done to give him some time to relax and to give him some time alone with his friends. Life after marriage changes, though it does not changes completely but the priorities does. Therefore these kinds of weekend trips and parties can help the males to take their time out and be the unorganized and clustered self for one last time. Earlier and even till date these parties are held before the marriage night both for the groom and the bride. These days, things have changed and everyone looks for new ways of celebrating this special event. Therefore weekend trips to nearby places are planned so that the level of enjoyment is more.

If you are planning for a stag party, it is better to select few of your very good friends and take them for a weekend trip to nearby places. A stag weekend is much more fun and entertainment than a stag night.

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