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I don’t make a living from stock photography. But, I do make money regularly from my stock photos. For me, the difference was learning the little “nuances” that helped me to find success in the stock photo industry. For example, one of my photography niches is children – more specifically, ethnic toddlers in education settings. I found a market in the non-profit publishing segment of stock. My work is published in brochures, flyers, web sites, PowerPoint presentations and manuals.

I learned how to get started; to find markets where my current work “fits;” to work with photo agencies and/or to sell my own work; how to easily establish a photography website; and the equipment that I needed. A “nuance” that I learned that made a dramatic difference is my success in selling my stock photos is reflected in the following examples:

I learned that photos of children have more stock value if the children are normally involved in their environment, versus them posing or looking at the camera.

The pictures of children looking directly into the camera lens may be cute. But, in stock photography, that type of “cute” has little value.

I strive to shoot my stock photos of children while not being noticed by the children that I’m shooting. Of course, they know that I’m in the room. But, I need them to act normal and go about their regular activities and interactions. Learning how to do so successfully was a “nuance” that I learned in a stock photography guide that I highly recommend.

If stock photography is new to you, your timing is very good! The industry has been experiencing great changes for the past few years. The changes caused a lot of confusion. Fortunately, much of the confusion is clearing away. Changes are being accepted and standardized, especially the use of digital technology.

If you’re an experienced photographer, there are a few “nuances” that you may need to relearn. This photography guide can show you what you need to do to sell your digital photos and how to digitize your printed photos. Things have changed as far as stock photography goes. But, if you enjoyed it before, you’ll simply love it now!

Digital technology has opened many new vistas for the stock photographer in:

1. How stock images can be taken
2. How stock images can be processed
3. How stock images can be delivered
4. How a stock image business can be conducted
5. How stock images can be made from non-digital photos

The stock photo market has gotten much simpler for the photographer, especially the stock photographer who markets his work himself.

Working with stock photography agencies has become simpler, also.

This informative stock photography guide saved me time and pinpointed the market to “fit” my specific photography style.

Getting Started Tips – What you need to do to begin – or continue – in the stock photo industry, today.

Stock Photography Market Selection Tips

There are photobuyers out there looking for images that you have. Learn how to

1. Find them the easy way
2. Let them know about your work
3. Get them to take a look at your work
4. Cultivate their continued interest in what you do

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